Nov 15, 2013

I didn't think I would ever come back here. But then I realized that this is the only place I've said all the sappy things I can't say in real life. And yes, of course this is about him. Who else would get me back here? I thought you guys know me like family by now. 
Did I ever think that I would be watching his final match thousands of miles away, online and on a 13 inch laptop? Did I ever think I would be sitting alone in my room wondering what exactly I'm doing here? Did I ever think I wouldn't be at home when India finally brought home the World Cup? Honestly though, did I ever actually think I will watch him play for the last time ever? No. I didn't. I never thought this through. I thought I'd be dead by then. Clearly I don't have the decency to do that. 
I really don't know what to say. As usual, I'm just saying a lot of things but not really saying anything. If I could silently cry and have the keyboard type that out, it would be ideal. But then, nothing about this is ideal. 
He just walloped that one into the boundary now. Not out at 71. It is amazing - absolutely amazing when I pause and think that he has been playing for as long as I have been alive. That I have known him for longer than I have known my own brother. Watching him at the crease now is like reliving my entire life. The cuts, the flicks, the drives... the straight drive. I think that's the image I will keep with me forever. His straight drive. 
Out. 74. c Darren Sammy b Narsingh Deonarine. It's all over. Should he have tried to hook that one? Who knows? Screw you for being so selfish. Screw you for wanting that century - you want that for yourself. Screw you. Screw everything.


Unknown said...

I saw this 4 days ago and I was going to comment. But I dint.
I did send a silent Hallelujah that you came back. Now if you please blog at a rate greater than 1post/year.

Unknown said...

Aha, google doesnt know that is I, Aggie