Jul 16, 2008

O God!

There are times in every person's life, when they wonder about god. Does god exist? If he does, then exactly in what form? Such thought frequently and generally arise when your results are about to be released, when you notice a new blooming pimple first thing in th morning, when you are caught doing something and dont want your mom to bite your ear off, or when you really want that cute guy/girl in class to look your way. Its not selfish , only natural. I think. I'm not the best judge of religious science really.

I believe i am a person of faith. I routinely pray with the hope that god will send a curly-haired, honey-eyed angel(male) who will drive all my problems away with a swish of his wand, Bat his wonderfully thick eyelasehs at me, and smile a full pouty cullenesque smile at me telling me to relax. Oh alright, before my angel fantasies assume pornographic proportions i should stop.

So coming back to the age old question - does god exist? And coming back to my age-old question- Why is God a HE? I mean considering all the virtues expostulated about him, i am rather convinced about his female-ness. I mean kind, all seeing, omnipresent, sacrificing and all that. No disrespect to my dad, but that seems to me slightly mom-ish.

What do you think?


Shweta said...

This is out of place, but your profile is so sound-of-music-ish. Or is that stating the obvious?

Aggie M said...

Whaaaa??? define sound of music-ish.
And yeah God'd totally a chick. Or maybe trivial thinfs like gender and not for the likes of Her.
Muchi, i'm going :(

Blue~Flame said...

Yeah, shwetu define sound-of-music-ish. Im totally lost there. And mmaaagggiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee, you are going,*blows nose lustily into handkerchief*, i can throw myself off the cliff, but your comment nevertheless remains incomprehensible

Shweta said...

Nono, your profile reminds me of that these-are-a-few-of-my-favourite-things gaana.
You know, the one from which they copied the school song.

Sharanya said...

Right, woman, UPDATE!

ankit said...

pretty convincing argument about God's virtues and them being feminine.

guess it is more to do with historical representation of God, sometimes as a male warrior, otherwise a male reliever of sins.