Jul 26, 2008

To new beginnings... :|

Sorry for the long break sharan, btw when are you gonna take that form off me (everybody else, its none of your business)

After days of moaning about college and lack of things to do, college suddenly crahsed upon me. That too with new timings and all. 8-frickin-o-clock!!! getting up at 6:30! that's when i go to sleep dammit!

So, my mom goes like (she's turning increasingly satanic with newer posts eh?), "if that's your reaction towards your educational career(who the hell uses these words??!!??) what will you do in life?" I mean , What the #%@#$^
[Did all parents with a few exceptions go to this communal hell-hole of an institution where they were all brainwashed into turning jihadis against their yet-unborn children? i mean, did they?]
Its true i did spend whole of my hols whining about controlling parents and unfair society and partisan governments(when asked about what that meant and what it had to do with my imprisonment i stopped saying that), but who wouldn't if every time you dragged you foot out you were met with stuff like "have you looked at the sky?" Why should I look at the sky? Does the met dept do that? No. then why should I?

So when college was about to start, i peed in my pants in glee(bladder problems do erupt in monsoons btw). But two days of shrieking alarms at like no-mans time, and it was starting to get to me. If i did manage to actually sit upright in the bed, i slopped off almost immediately, till my mom did not do the banshee routine on me. Then comes the whole cold bath etc routine, which supposedly refreshes a person. Now, either that's a lie, or i am not a person. After wearing decent clothes the right way, i manage to stumble out of my house to the roads, to the train, to the autorickshaw, to the college, to the class i promptly finish my unfinished business. I sleep.

Stuff i noticed due to my unholy college timings:
  1. One should refrain from wearing kajal/kohl/mascara or such run-able things to early morning lectures. Sleepy tears will leave you looking like some Witch with black streaks on her face.
  2. Always carry mint; brushing teeth at such hours is not effective i've gathered. One's toothbrush simply does not make contact with one's teeth.
  3. One should wear flat shoes/sandals to college, heels & pumps are all sluttily fine, but it doesnt help when you are stumbling with your eyes half-closed.
  4. The only shops opened are tapris and mochis. They have obviously realised the reference to Point 3.

I was too sleepy to notice the rest...



ankit said...

5. never hang out, when commuting in trains at unholy hours, not only is the foot board unsafe, the stink is a guaranteed killer.

fun read! am definitely coming back for more.

Sharanya said...

I shall, love, soon. Why cant Vitasta mail it to me? Then I can print it and sign it. AND courier it to her.

Blue~Flame said...

i'll tell you why shes nt mailing it to you, if you tell me why she's not mailed my 2nd invoice to me as of yet...im dying of destitution!!!!

the man! we can resume our orkutiness here, no? ;p