Jul 29, 2008

To be thankful..

I have decided to count my blessings..

I am going to randomly think about all the good things that happened to me in these few days..
1. I bunked college today, with my mom's permission (!!!)

2. Vitasta sent me my previous script to make changes, hopefully its over now, and i'll get my paycheck :))

3. I have the most amazing friends, and the best part is - they are my school friends and we havent drifted apart..no piddling things like being in different countries(me & shwetu), different time zones(me & sharn) or different worlds(me & maggie) can deter us. The trio still rocks!

4. I love sitting at home when it rains.

5. I rediscovered today that i make the most excellentest tea.

6. I am not as cold blooded as portrayed and miss somebody a lot. Bunny come back :(

7. I like working. I'm currently gazing with utmost adoration at my new script.

8. I made a fundoo poster for my college's poster making competition. It was on anti-ragging : ; and mine may look like kindergartenish, but i loved the process of making it and had loads of fun! That matters right?

9. I wrote two Science Humor articles for my University Letter without knowing what that term means and Navven Sir liked it! He said i had a flair and should continue writing!He is sooo cuutee!

10. My mom is the nicest person ever.

11. My dad arranged for my MAMMOTH fees yet again, and still doesnt hate me! Such Luck!

12. I also DIG my college mates who are like my salvation army buddies: Nichu, Anky, Jeev, Gargiz...You rock my world!!!!

13. There is end of season sale everywhere!!!


Shweta said...

awwww there's the mushy side I knew was always there!
you know what, get someone to give you photoshop, it's super for posters.
and hello. your tea can't be better than mine.

Blue~Flame said...

no no
no no
nobdy's tea is better than mine. and i havent drunk yours yet, now have i? after i have drank your tea...i'll make changes...
and what's photoshop? anyway, this poster has been made khoon-pasina ek karke..with my gentle hands...
im not mushy! im grateful!