Aug 15, 2008

I rocks!!

Happy independence day folks!
Indian to the core and damn proud of it!
I Rocks!!!
PS: That's just some random, cute, indian girl btw. Not Me.


Sharanya said...

Me too. Admittedly, I didnt do anything patriotic today. Slept all day long,and am going to start reading Breaking Dawn (YES!) But I'm Indian. And proud of it.

ankit said...

indian to the core, me as well.

yes, hoisting the flag really holds no meaning any more, have seen all the movies being aired on the tv, and have no more interest in them.

indian to the core.

Blue~Flame said...

Ankit, the cynic.
Why such bitterness at an age so tender?

ankit said...

not really cynical this time around,

but tell me what being indian to the core really is to you.

Blue~Flame said...

it means everything to me kits, everything.
i do not want to get drawn into your favourite activity-debate of the futile and important with you.
but being indian defines me in an extremely undefinable manner.