Oct 21, 2008

Cutting Chai and Rose Days...

Abstract phrases, rather than verbose prose have always been what define life for me...
I can probably break the multi-hued facets of college life into these random words:

dirty jeans
cutting chai
'asignment' night-outs
tiffin boxes
early morning lectures
dress codes
soo cute!
black lists
white lies
pearly tears
flirty smiles
low slung jeans
mall rats
covert videos
thrifty gifts
birthday bums
midnight convos
pathetic jokes
irritating nicknames
flitting crushes
compound loans
teacher cribbing
choice abuses
candid cameras
lasting memories..


Just a girl said...

Love it! So succint yet evokative. A few phrases that ring true for me, too:
early morning lectures
midnight convos
flitting crushes
lasting memories


Just a girl said...

PS: You live in a college? Like, a residential college?

Aggie M said...

Very profound dude.
bet you wrote all this in the middle of a lecture.
Barney's the man!

Sharanya said...

Dirty jeans, cutting chai, candid cameras, flitting crushes...right ON!

Blue~Flame said...

@ JAG: no, i live at home. just as well, since i dont even knw whr exactly my 'tender garments' are kept.

@ mag: yep, partly in lecture and partly just before the exam..

@ sharn: hw was ooty?!