Nov 13, 2009

Croak Croak

Sad times loom ahead.
Times of exams, journals, apping tension, weight issues, etc.

Today's weather was nice though.
So I composed a poem today, in the garden in front of my college. On the swing set. Bunny, me and Jeev. Anky was being an usual bum and sleeping at home. :)

Aaj ka mausam is awesome
Dhoop is playing hide-and-seek
So we play on the swings
A little distance from the Belapur creek

(And it's true. We were like 3 minutes away from Belapur creek. It was nice)

  • Shwetu has commanded me to blog. So don't blame me if this one sounds lame. Her fault.
  • I feel one with Mag. We share misery. It's the ultimate bond.
  • Sharan is being mean to me these days. Let me warn her, I have suicidal tendencies. :(
  • Deng and Tyrant are being nice. Virtual hugs.
  • Balu is pulling his invisible act again.
  • Bunny made the most awesome veg frankie for me today. I had 2.5!! Virtual air kisses for this one. :D

Right now I'm about an hour away from white truffle cake.

PS: To all my VNIT pals, may the force be with you! Kick Mighty Butt. Roar!


Shweta said...

Suchi, might the 'weight issues' have something to do with the last three lines?

And the 'poem'. Very Bertram Wooster-ish.

agnes said...

second :|
i hate you shwetu.
my exam tomorrow hangs in the balance for this
and muchi, your finest work man
Frankie. WANT. Im a wet sick puddle of want :|
Weighty issues loom ahead here too.
I think white truffle goes straight to thighs. You have been warned.
needless to say, im dying and life sucks.
Hugs and all to people hanh.
Me wants too.

Muchi :|

Blue~Flame said...

Do NOT tarnish white truffle for me!
You guys are just jheluss.

Needless to say Mag, me and swhetu stand by you in your times of pain. And if you get caught cheating, we dont know you.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

All this exam shit has corroded my brain. I have temporarily lost the ability to make sense. But I'll still be nice. That poem, man. Its very :)

Sad times there. Sad times here. I'm tired, man. Tired of this engineering crap. I mean, u should see the stuff they teach us. Its shocking! sigh. Force, man. Need that force. And may all that force be with u too. Truffle cakes, frankies. Double sigh. But its a good thought. :)

And hey! Cheating's cool. :|

Blue~Flame said...

@Deng: Oh, it's very cool. But hard lessons have been learnt. Mega-heists still mega-cool though.

I know, wht's with the obscure curriculum? Where do we use all that stuff? Pray, where?

Tyrant said...

Must say!Your poem's got that "feel-good" thing,when you smile and don't know why exactly.And come on!Me and Deng are'nt just being nice.We could'nt resist ourselves from complimenting you.The pic is smokin' hot!Now that deserves more than a "virtual" hug :)


P.S - Blogspot is pissed with me.No more update alerts to people from my blog :(

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Useless. Useless. All this.

All hail micro-xeroxes!

Blue~Flame said...

@Tyrant: Awww! :)
And really, beloved blogspot giving you the finger?!
Damn them! Hz the exam dope?

@Deng: Xerox is the buzzword. As we speak, I'm desperately calling people and comparing xeroxes to the syllabus. I discovered, that one of them is a micro-subject I wasn't even aware of! How?!

Sharanya said...


Blue~Flame said...

You just are. I see evilness in thine actions.
Be extra nice to me now.

Sharanya said...

:'( I'm sorry! Prithee, tell me how I have erred!

Blue~Flame said...

@sharan: I just like doing this and scaring the shit out of ppl!
Ok, I"ll just give you hints:
1. SoP. you wr spsd to say bad words about it.
2. My PIC! You wr spsd to say good words about it. Like very good :|
3. My poem. You wr spsd to go awwww.

That's it! But all's forgotten in the light of thine untimely departure o friend.
Please do not leave us.
We shall wilt.