Jan 3, 2010

It Keeps Gettin' Better..

This site being the news bearer of all things trio (for the uninitiated, the trio consists of Moi, Maggie, Shwetu and Sharan), I would like to present the most awesome, ground-breaking news.

Sharan has been selected by the Indian Govt. as a nominee for the Commonwealth Scholarship/Fellowship Plan in the English Dept.!!!
She now remains to be nominated by the UK Govt., but we all know that, that, is merely a formality.

Now, now, we aren't tempting fate! We just have truckloads of faith in you and support you.
Fingers crossed!!

Good luck child, take flight.


Ravi Teja Synti said...

"nominee for the Commonwealth Scholarship/Fellowship Plan "

wow, whatever that is, sounds fundoo :)

'trio' consists of 4 ppl? :P

Ravi Popat said...

Holy FUCK!!!!!!!!


This is so superb!

:D :D :D

Oi, Sharanya. Killer congrats!

Tyrant said...

Insanely awesome!!!The 'trio' is ON FIRE!!!Congrats,Sharanya...

Blue~Flame said...

yep, that's our trio.
We three are the 'elder'
Sharan's the super-disciple.
Although embarrassingly, she routinely beats us to all thing cool.

Fire, I know!

Where is the trio though?

Tyrant said...

which is why i said 'trio' and not just trio:)Guessed it was something beyond the boundaries of the grasping of us mortals!

Sharanya said...

*goes deep red and dies of happy embarrassment* Oh Suchi! I don't deserve a BLOG post!! Thank you!!

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Things have a funny way of turning out..we'll see :)

Sharanya said...

@ Tyrant, Deng-Deng (I miss calling you that!) and Synti:

Thank you :) And don't believe what Such says about me being the super-disciple. We all know who got the letter from Leeds =D

Oh and Suchi -- LOVING the new look!

Count Grishnackh said...

Whoa....that is some fantabulous news indeed :). Comgrats Sharan!!
Looks like it's all "Good things going the UK-way" for the 'Trio'. May this period of awesomeness stay long enough to tip subzero scales.

And Suchi, I totally 'dig' your new Blog template. :D

Cheers !!

Blue~Flame said...

@Tyrant: Indeed, indeed.

@Sharan: Tathastu (whatever that means)

@Sharan & Count: Thanks, minimal is the best na. I love purple and green. They are my favorite colors (apart from black & white)

Sharanya said...

@ Nikhil:

Thank you :) :)

@ Suchi:

GO MINIMAL!!!!!!! That's one of the reasons why I love Tumblr. Everything there is SO ****ing minimal.